Montverde Fundraiser for H2R: Thank you 

Thank you to our partners who continue to help us serve our community 

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About H2R 

Hope 2 Restoration's Felicia Marks Stewart , is the daughter of James” Jesus White” Bolton and Patricia Marks. Felicia and her husband Pernell Stewart decided to launch this organization because of Felicia's survival of homelessness 23 years ago. Felicia struggled as a single mother on the streets of Orlando Florida, after surviving a domestic Violent situation. She is a  gunshot wound survivor and mother of a convicted Felon. She has truly lived the life of those she is now helping. Pernell and Felicia Stewart has decided to give whatever they can to those in need they are Advocating for the Restoration of the poor. 
" We believe if you Give a man a fish, he will eat for a Day..BUT when we Teach him to fish he will eat for a Lifetime." Which is why they helping to Rebuild, Revive and Renew families ONE life at a time. This center is in honor of James Edward Bolton who died as a homeless man trying to help make a change for the POOR. .